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Prince Gumball walked up the long staircase to his room. He day dreamed of his ball the next evening. He opened up the large door to his bed chamber and began to get ready for sleep. He took off his elaborately made pink and violet tunic. Clank! a noise came from the balcony, and he glanced over at the glass french door. nothing. he started to unbutton his tightly fit fusia colored pants.clank! another sound from the balcony. He quickly removed his pants and threw on a bubble gum colored t-shirt. the prince walked cautiously to the door. he opened it and peered around, but saw nothing he turned around and closed the french door behind him. he walked leisurely to his king sized bed, as he pulled back the covers he was startled by the sound of giggling." hehe" he slowly crouched down on his hands and knees and  grabbed ahold of the bed skirt. he took a deep breath and yanked it up. only to find nothing under his bed. he shrugged his shoulders and put the skirt back down. he stood up and gasped. there lying in his bed was Marshal Lee the Vampire King. " Out of my bed now!" he yelled marshal looked at him and just laughed." make me." he teased. The prince didn't find this funny. as he stared at the young vampire he realized he wasn't wearing his usual attire. instead of a red flannel and skinny jeans he was wearing a red flannel print tank top and grey boxer shorts. the tank top fell glamorously over every muscle emphasizing each toned body part.  he shook his head and continued to glare at him. " Ill call my guards." Prince gumball threatened. marshal smiled and looked up at him from beneath his long silk black hair and said " Oh come on gummy. you don't want to do that." the prince looked away from him and yelled " Get out!" Gumball waited a second then turned around and was surprised to see he had gone. The prince smiled to himself then climbed into bed and closed his eyes. " boo!" Marshal shouted playfully. The prince jumped and covered himself with his blanket, letting out a whimper. Marshal giggled but felt bad for scaring the fragile little prince. He rest his head on his hand and stared down at the blanket covered prince and placed his finger on what he thought was his face and slowly slid his finger down his body. Underneath the blanket the prince was smiling and biting his lip. The vampire reached up to the top of the blanket and anxiously pulled it back, he uncovered the pink porcelain face of the prince. he smiled, the princes eyes were closed. Marshal leaned down closely to his face. He smelled of bubblegum. The space between them was filled with tension. Marshal leaned closer and met the moist lips of the gumball prince. They kissed like no one had ever kissed before. Gumball reached his hand up to the back of marshals head and ran his hand through his smooth black mane. The vampire moved down to the royals neck and kissed him gently. He lifted up the rest of the rose colored blanket and slipped underneath. The prince smiled  up at him. He placed his hands on the toned arms of the beautiful vampire and continued to kiss him. Marshal reached down to the edge of the pink princes t-shirt and lifted it up just a little bit. The prince smiled while still kissing his cold yet pleasing lips. In less than a second his shirt was off and on the floor. Marshal began to play with the waist band of the princes boxers briefs. Gumball grabbed the bottom of Marshal Lees tank top and slowly pulled it over his head revealing his gorgeous body. The prince got goosebumps as the chilled vampires body fell against his. Marshal leaned down kissing the princes neck and making his way down to his chest. The prince was wild with anticipation awaiting the next move.  the vampire made his way down to the briefs and pulled them down slowly all the way down his leg and completely off his body. he playfully crawled back up to the prince. the prince got nervous but grabbed ahold of marshal and pulled him against his warm pink body. he reached his hand inside his boxer shorts and grabbed him pulling him in tightly. Marshal ran his hands down the princes arms and slid his boxers right off his body.

they both took in the feeling of their exposed bodies pressed against each other, marshal stared into the light pink eyes of the royal and said
" so gummy, do you know anything about baseball?" the prince looked at the grey face of the vampire with one perfectly shaped eyebrow raised
" Not really, why?" the vampire king giggled and kissed gumballs cheek. leaning into his ear he whispered
" your about to learn the difference between a pitcher and catcher." the vampire grabbed gumball and thrusted themselves into the air passionately kissing the prince. Once they reached the top marshal pushed gumball against the sparkly pink ceiling kissing his neck and moving down his chest. marshal released and they fell to king sized bed beneath them still admiring eachothers physiques , marshal flipped the royal onto his stomach " Take a deep breath my prince,"
confused the prince inhaled, " uhhhhh" the prince moaned as marshal lee the vampire king showed him how to play baseball. he took it slow as to appease the royals senses, gumball stop moaning and began to move with the vampire. Marshal smirked and pulled prince gumball up onto all fours thrusting into him. " UH, Marshal!" the prince yelled. Marshall grabbed his smooth pinks hips and used all his strength to "pitch" like a king. gumball through his head back, and shed one soft pink tear from his right eye. The prince couldn't tell whether the tear was from pain or pleasure, whichever it was he did not ask the vampire to stop. the prince got up onto his knees pressing his back against the refreshingly cold chest of marshal lee, reaching backwards and grabbing his firm posterior. the prince bit his lip and flip the vampire over onto his back. marshal looked startled as he stared up at the naked prince who smirked down at him. Gumball straddled the the cold shaft of the vampire king...
  • Listening to: crappy game music
  • Reading: wii fit
  • Watching: me type
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: crush
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I'm just imagining him go "Uuuuuuuh" like tina while they do it and I can't stop laughing oh god
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I love how it's like listening to crappy game music and drinking crush. I couldn't concentrate on writing while listening to music, especially shitty music.
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I believe it is spelled sexy.
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Pretty awesome!
The only thing that bothered me was grammar. But I'm a grammar natzi. So that's just me.
Do more!!!
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it's spelled Nazi XD
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GURL this is awesome,continue? :D
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Very very good you shouldd make more :)
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THANKS!! I really like these two together, I was thinking about doing a fanfic for Sebastian and Ciel as well.
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